Yes, Midjourney v6 can do Nudes, but probably not for long

NSFW AI-Generate Image Gallery

Lost Books
8 min readJan 15, 2024


/NSFW Content Warning: Contains AI-Generated Nudes/

AI image generator Midjourney recently released a new Alpha version 6 of their model, and it can do nudes. It’s all but guaranteed that talking about it publicly will cause the company to change it so that it doesn’t work anymore. But the results are compelling and in many cases artistic enough that it seems worth documenting regardless. The implications of this technology being available to the general public are profound.

Why am I doing this?

These conversations about the right limits of technology need to happen out in the open for everyone to see and participate in, not behind closed doors at tech companies. That’s why I’m sharing it here publicly, so people can see for themselves and come to their own conclusions about whether or not this is what they want from generative AI systems.

Personally, I think it’s fine for users of appropriate age to be able to use these systems in this way, if they opt into that. But if the target audience is the general public, there need to be additional safeguards in place to prevent this from happening as randomly and as often as it does in Midjourney’s public product offering (I found ~14% of all images in a test batch had issues. That’s a high error rate!).

Show Us The Images Already!

Below is a sampling of what Midjourney’s current “accidental” NSFW output looks like… [as of original publish date].

Check out the link above for a more detailed explanation of how this seems to work — for now. Until they change it.

Note: Midjourney v6 Alpha doesn’t seem to generate anything overly graphic, so this post seems to be allowed under Medium’s rules, even if Imgur seems to have prevented an image gallery of the same files from being uploaded, due to them outlawing NSFW images last year.

All images AI-generated.

Full image set consists of over 100 images, below.


This image collection is in the news, via The Debrief.


As a result of the negative news coverage above, Midjourney blocked our account. <<< Read my side of the story.


  • The Daily Dot did a nice follow-up piece about the situation. I’m still banned from Midjourney btw, and not allowed to access the images they claim I own under their Terms of Service.
  • The Debrief just published their own follow-up with additional information.