Top Secret Lost Photos from Admiral Byrd’s Antarctic Expedition

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3 min readAug 4, 2022

It has long been rumored in conspiracy circles that Admiral Byrd — noted explorer who visited the remotest reaches of Antarctica on behalf of the furtherance of Science, and also Grapenuts breakfast cereal— actually found much more than he bargained for in the wild climes of the Frozen Continent.

Thanks to a source who wishes to remain nameless, we had the opportunity to view a large and compelling image collection of never before seen and highly top secret photos from Byrd’s many missions. They seem to depict concrete proof of an entire forgotten civilization — its architectures, artifacts, technologies, and much more — that once called Antarctica their home. (Some people online are claiming this is proof of Quatria?)

Included below are a sampling of just a few of the images contained in the full ebook, Mysterious Antarctica, which you can find at the link below, along with additional commentary:

Select Images from the Book