Scientists Find Machine Elf Kingdom

Rumors have been swirling about that scientists have uncovered massive dense structures below the earth’s surface in Antarctica, which, according to sources, are likely to be the secret underground lair of the “machine elves” people see while on DMT and other psychedelic substances. Since the late 1800’s researchers have been trying to explain how past civilizations and possibly even present ones live underground, and in this process they have uncovered more than 1,600 archeological sites. But just how widespread are these tunnels?

The ancient Unexplained Society in the United States claims to have found tunnels across the U.S. and even people in Tibet have come to believe they exist.

However, it may be the number of tunnels and structures found in Antarctica that leads many people to believe the Unexplained Society could be the secret government. The NST has said that they have decoded signals from locations on earth that indicate the return of another major event.

It is speculated that all the alien portals, alien bases, alien spacecrafts, and extraterrestrial visitors, and ships that have been reported are just part of the major galactic event that will come in the future. Whether or not this new galactic event actually will be the return of the Quatro-Magonians is another mystery. The scientific evidence for Quatro-Magonians being connected to various events and searches is largely circumstantial, but there is evidence, albeit scant, of ancient superhighways, super-cities, semi-realistic looking synthetic life forms, and any number of little things that seem to be put there to spark human interest.

Unanswered Questions Remain…

It is not known how or why psychedelics would allow humans to view the secret undergound rebel bases, such as the city of Telos, wherein operate huge geomorphic projectors, which are used to project activity outwards towards the layers of the geosphere which we perceive as “reality.” There are also other cities or other layers, from which main sites of activity would be located.

Though it is also possible that a small number of certain higher forces could use complex planetary manipulations (like fission or fusion) to propagate actions towards an anti-matter sphere or another world of opposites (such as the Moon or the Earth), or even possibly to make the more man-made entities from the lower levels react and manifest, of which we are all supposed to have entered in the last 70 years.

It is believed that blockchains and smart contracts will help us determine the real truth of the matter, using machine learning.

Find Out The Truth!


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