Project Blue Beam — Exposed!

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3 min readJan 13


Is there really a secret plan to use drones and holograms projected into the night sky all around the world to create the illusion of an alien invasion — or even simulate an Apocalyptic religious event? Some people believe so!

This idea, known as Project Blue Beam, was first published by French-Canadian conspiracy author Serge Monast in the 1990s, and has remained popular ever since. Some say the technology has been covertly tested on the public for years, notably in the form of the Norway Spiral, and other UFO events. Some even say it uses the same underlying technology as Blu-Ray discs. Could this be true?

Our incredible new book, Beyond Blue Beam, examines the available evidence, and let’s you decide for yourself with 72 never-before-seen photos, and copious commentary that will knock your socks off!

Sample photos

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