Lost Direction Classic Mainnet Launch Delayed

(BLOCKCHAIN) — The much anticipated Lost Direction Classic ($LDC) mainnet launch has been once again delayed, says the developer. Originally intended to launch on 1 January 1970, flaws in legacy reality systems at the sub-quantum level were once again cited as the cause in the latest Root Cause Analysis. Rumors have been circulating in decentralized networks online of time-hunter sabotage, but so far remain unconfirmed.

The Lost Direction Classic Foundation, which manages Lost Direction Classic, says that all of its finest engineers, with the help an emergent Ancient Artificial Intelligence from Project Methuselah, are working round the clock (in both directions) to make the necessary changes to preality event ladders in order to bring this much beloved Quatrian crypto-classic within proximity of localized time-matrices.




Blockchain Publisher Based in Canada https://lostbooks.ca

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Lost Books

Lost Books

Blockchain Publisher Based in Canada https://lostbooks.ca

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