Is Anybody Else Freaking Out?

I found some news articles that are “blowing my mind” about all the weird and crazy things happening in Antarctica and at the International Space Station which are linked together with each other via a direct quantum circuit, and the answer might “surprise you!” But with a little time and in order to simplify things, here’s the short version of what is really going on, and how it works.

Why Isn’t The MSM Talking About Any Of This?? 🤔

It turns out that in just one week, the following happened:

1) Scientists discovered underground cities in Antarctica, and…
2) Figured out how to travel backward in time
3) Achieved a new quantum state of matter
4) Received radio transmissions from another galactic civilization

BUT nobody is even reporting on these amazing occurrences. Why?

They haven’t been reported on because the scientists involved were under government orders to keep the classified information sealed.

Once we open the technology books, we discover that the first step is the declassification of classified information. Once we understand how the universe operates and comprehend how time works, then the entire covert space program becomes possible.

It’s obvious if you think about it!

It was only after I acquired that first fact about gravity and inertia that I understood that time doesn’t travel in an instant in space, but travels in a very slow fashion that is controlled by gravity. All forces, including gravity, must have a beginning and an end. All forces must.

After I understood all of these facts I could begin to understand that there is another, unseen force controlling the rotation of our Earth and its stars. And that cause and effect itself is invisible, and yet it is the fundamental force of all matter on earth and in the cosmos.

I hope you will agree!

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Blockchain Publisher Based in Canada

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