Is Antarctica Illegal?

Have you ever wondered why the continent of Antarctica is off-limits to anyone who is not a scientist or a top secret military personnel? Is it because they are guarding a horrible secret which they believe the rest of us are not ready to learn about? Or is it because in the past, when people went there, they mysteriously vanished? It’s time to drop to the bottom of this weirdly creepy continent. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as I did. See you at the bottom of the ice!

WASHINGTON, DC — Don’t blame Donald Trump or global warming for the alarming rise of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, say scientists. During the campaign, he suggested that he would rescind the executive order issued by President Barack Obama under which the U.S. took a leading role in aiding in the surveying and mapping of the Antarctic continent.

Don’t believe me, go look for yourself!

That initial job description may still be in place. Obama’s administration engaged in at least two major Antarctic expeditions during his two terms, conducting the first in 2009, and the second last year, according to subject matter experts on Quora and other online sources.

What results have been omitted from this search results page, and by whom?

Whether or not Antarctica is illegal is a question with which Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, wrestled with throughout his career. It has been well documented that his circle was involved with channeling entities who were either from space or ancient gods, depending on who you ask.

Very interesting if you think about it!
If you ever had the feeling Star Trek was actually real, you were really not wrong!

No one actually knows the specifics of what happened to the Purples, aliens or Atlanteans, but it’s pretty clear that the Ark ships may have arrived in the Antarctic with all their contents intact, which is why it is used as a setting in Star Trek.


Originally thought to be ice miners, the Ark ships were rescued by the ancient Quatro-Atlanteans who then used them as a model for building advanced space ships that would revolutionize space travel at that time (approximately 45–85 m.y.a.).

In actuality, they built what is in Star Trek referred to as an Iconian Gateway, which allowed for instantaneous travel over vast distances using a network of connected gateways. Though the galaxy’s knowledge of the Iconians has been lost and even its existence has been at best a mystery for centuries, this location was still utilized by other races such as the original Hieruthians, but only in the far past.

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