Alfred Isaac Middleton Exposed!

Lost Books
3 min readAug 12, 2022


The internet is buzzing with rumors about a mysterious British explorer who vanished in 1901 in the jungles of Sumatra called Alfred Isaac Middleton. What most people don’t know is that immediately prior to that fatal expedition, Middleton had just returned from an arduous six month journey in Antarctica, in search of the lost civilization of Quatria — the very same one which Admiral Byrd would successfully discover ruins of some fifty-odd years later (see the shocking top secret Antarctica photos here).

In fact, many people believe that the below photo represents Middleton actually finding one of the fabled Pyramids of Quatria somewhere near the South Pole.

As you can see, the photo is badly damaged, and was possibly re-touched (which was common in photography at the time). Plus it was snowing when it was shot, making it difficult to verify, but it does seem to match the architectural structures we see in Admiral Byrd’s suppressed photos. The photo above may have appeared in a 1907 issue of the journal Nature (unconfirmed).

Pictured below are portraits of Alfred Isaac Midleton, and his loving wife Esmeralda, to whom he was famously devoted. He insisted on bringing her along on his journeys of exploration wherever. These photos are believed to have been taken on the Antarctic expedition in question.

Though we have only scant proof (so far), we actually believe that Middleton did not die on his Sumatran expedition, but that he most likely discovered an ancient portal that lead him via inter-dimensional wormhole back to Ancient Quatria, much like happened to Edward Allen Oxford during WWI.

That portal is said to have been shut by the Sisterhood after the overthrow of Tartaria. It is said by some that this was the reason for all of Middleton’s mysterious travels, since he spent decades in an effort to reopen it.

For those of you who think that sounds like The X-Files, yes it’s true. We have the declassified CIA documents to prove it, but our scanner is broken. In our opinion, the best theory for explaining what happened to Alfred Isaac Middleton is that the Earth had already gone through one of these “quantum leaps”, but that in his effort to close the portal he was somehow transported into a new dimension, and ended up becoming entangled with the strange lifeforms that we now call “aliens.” Except the aliens were not aliens at all, but Ancient Martians (Quartians) who had migrated there from Earth via the naturally occurring portal… The wheel goes round and round!