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German U-Boat Sinks Allied Ship, Willy Stöwer, 1916 (Library of Congress)
German U-Boat Sinks Allied Ship, by Willy Stöwer, 1916 (Library of Congress)


The Strange Story of a German U-Boat Attack Survivor in WWI

Quite unexpectedly, I have been deluged with inquiries from around the globe about how the Lost Books of Quatria and the tales contained therein came into my possession. While I wish I could take full credit, I must admit that I was not the first to find the hidden way…

(CRYPTO) Much excitement is swirling among meme coin enthusiasts around the anticipated launch of SAITAMA’s custom Saitamask wallet. Despite the wallet’s release having been already postponed, adherents of this token are expecting its launch to drive the price back up. Hopefully. There’s only one problem: gas fees on Ethereum.


(CRYPTO) Blockchain publisher Lost Books today released its latest set of 5 limited editions NFTs (10 each). This incredible drop consists of never-before-seen videos of conservative politicians and pundits calling for censorship of the popular satirical book, Conspiratopia. What on earth are they so mad about?

🔥 Act fast — Supplies are limited!! 🔥


  • Each of these limited edition NFTs is valued between 10–40 ETH!!!


  • 5 video NFTs of 10 copies each. No more will ever be minted.


  • Minted on Polygon blockchain

Unlockable content

How to claim yours today!

  1. Reply to this post with your ETH wallet address.
  2. That’s it! I’ll transfer you an NFT from this amazing collection.

NOTE: If you’ve already received a Conspiratopia token drop, you’re not eligible for this one. Sorry!

Lost Books Crypto Publisher

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